Maintaining a Hygienic Home with Cats

In a world where working hours are becoming longer and longer, it’s not always practical or kind to have a dog. Dogs need a considerable amount of time, both in exercise and human contact and interaction. Cats, on the other hand, need these a little less. That’s not to say a cat is definitely the best pet to have if you work long hours (they still need their humans around a fair amount; that fishing app for felines wasn’t created for nothing), but they are certainly preferable as companion pets … [Read more...]

Delusional Parasitosis and Factitious Dermatitis

Delusional Parasitosis and Factitious Dermatitis   Delusional parasitosis and factitious disorder are psychiatric illnesses that are often encountered by clinicians. The differential diagnosis can be tricky, but treatment, which may include referral to a mental health specialist, may be trickier. Persons with delusional parasitosis falsely believe that they are infested with parasites and may experience formication, a hallucinatory crawling sensation on the skin that they attribute … [Read more...]

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