Maintaining a Hygienic Home with Cats

In a world where working hours are becoming longer and longer, it’s not always practical or kind to have a dog. Dogs need a considerable amount of time, both in exercise and human contact and interaction. Cats, on the other hand, need these a little less. That’s not to say a cat is definitely the best pet to have if you work long hours (they still need their humans around a fair amount; that fishing app for felines wasn’t created for nothing), but they are certainly preferable as companion pets for those who aren’t particularly keen on or are unable to fully enjoy outdoor pursuits (though there are a few owners who delight in walking their cats on a lead). Nevertheless, as wonderful as a warm, purring body nestled in the lap is, living with a cat requires a different, more meticulous routine when it comes to health and hygiene. Finding a long brush that is great for brushing cats can be very challenging. Fortunately, there is plenty of support online.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cat

The first decision you must make as a cat owner is whether to keep your new pet indoors, or to allow it (through use of a cat flap) to wander outside when you’re at work. The latter option certainly minimizes any odors from the litterbox. However, it opens up consideration pertaining to safety from vehicles, other animals, and even people, as well as the possibility of being brought “gifts” such as dead birds and rodents. So, a collar with a bell is a must if they go outside, as cats are natural predators.

Conversely, indoor cats seem to have a penchant for coughing up hairballs, though fastidious brushing and removal of shed fur from furniture (a simple lint brush works wonders) helps to reduce this. Indoor cats are also highly picky when it comes to litterbox cleanliness levels (they will, in fact, leave you a warning deposit just outside of said receptacle if they feel your standards have fallen unacceptably low).

Fleas, and Worms, and Ticks – Oh My!

Of course, if you’re letting your cat outside, you must make sure your pet is microchipped and fully vaccinated, as well as up-to-date with worming and flea treatments (there are advantage ii for cats coupons available for affordability). Furthermore, if you live in an area that could be described as tending towards the rural, with long grass and visiting wildlife such as deer and foxes, then an anti-tick course is probably sensible, too.

Healthy Boundaries

Similar to owning a dog, it doesn’t hurt to establish boundaries with your cat as regards sleeping areas, either. In short, you shouldn’t sleep with your cat at all. Further, when out for the day, close bedroom doors so that you don’t find yourself face first in a pillow covered in shed fur later that night. If possible, ensure cupboard doors are firmly shut, also, so the same scenario doesn’t occur after that post-work shower, the towel you thought freshly laundered in blatant need of another wash as you find your arms covered in damp cat hair. There is nothing a cat likes more than a dark place complete with unusual “bedding”.

Thanks to Carol Trehearn

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