Spiritual Pilgrimage Anyone? – 9 Sacred Sites you won’t believe!

'... truly beyond belief' If you’re looking for a truly off-the-beaten path adventure with a spiritual side, few destinations rival these sacred sites. A combination of architectural marvels and temples built by eccentric orders, the spiritual sanctuaries in this feature are truly beyond belief. 1] The Temple Where Rats Rule The Karni Mata Temple in India has something every wandering soul seeking spiritual fulfillment yearns for: thousands and thousands of rats. Considered the … [Read more...]

Cambodia, Prachum Benda ~ Ancestors Day – September 24

  Cambodia respectful on Ancestors Day  September 23-25       Ancestor’s Day is a Religious Holiday celebrated in Cambodia   This year it will be celebrated on 24th September.      In Cambodia, respect for elders extends beyond holding the door for old ladies. Even the dead get their due during Prachum Benda, also called Ancestors’ Day or Festival of the Dead.    In Cambodia, there are various religious festivals. Among those, Prachum Benda (”Ancestors’ Day”), more commonly known as Pchum Ben, … [Read more...]

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