WOMEN in RECOVERY – Divine Guidance

If you could see yourself as Spirit sees you, there would be no doubt about the Importance of this, Your Life. You would understand why it's so vital that you wake up fully and walk the Earth like the Divine being you truly are. Your angels are inspiring you make your best efforts to create a life worthy of remembering. You know the potency of using your next present moments to masterfully create a new way of being. Being able to make miracles happen is fundamentally a result of how … [Read more...]

VERONICA – The Garden of Life

        A New Message From VERONICA                   'The Garden of Life'     "The choice to incarnate is never a standard one. Each soul makes the leap into physical for different reasons. There are some who enjoy the process and grow with each event. Others do not incarnate often and find the whole process too separate and tedious to gather evolution from. Regardless of the various levels of perception each of you tend the garden of your life specifically.   It is important to plant seeds of … [Read more...]

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