EGYPT, Sexual Violence must Stop!

April 2013 – A United Nations envoy today expressed dismay at the sexual attacks on women protesters in Egypt, as well as the messages from prominent religious and political leaders that women are to blame. “Egypt’s story in the post-revolutionary period cannot be that of a country whose women marched in support of democracy, only to find their own freedoms denied, their lives directly threatened, and their vibrant political activism stamped out in a climate of fear and insecurity,” said the … [Read more...]

Margot Wallström, UN envoy hails Congolese to pursue rape cases …

    UN envoy hails Congolese move to pursue rape cases against top military officers    Special envoy Margot Wallström, visiting the DRC in October 2010, listens to the public about rapes     The official spearheading United Nations efforts to combat the scourge of sexual violence during war today welcomed the decision of authorities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to prosecute several high-ranking military officers accused of rape. DRC authorities have initiated judicial … [Read more...]

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