Tender 'Tender words we spoke to one another are sealed in the secret vaults of heaven One day like rain,they will fall to earth and grow green all over the world.' Rumi … [Read more...]

Shirlee Hall: [A Sunset Message] HOW DO I GET RELIEF?

[A Sun Message] HOW DO I GET RELIEF? People of all ages are asking this question. We are witnessing a staggering number of signs indicating major changes are unfolding. Life is becoming extremely uncomfortable on every level. The world as we know it appears to be coming to an end. Many people are in denial by pretending it is not happening. Environment and global collapse is fast approaching. Instead of being in denial, do something about it at least on a personal level.If you … [Read more...]


  If... if you don't have enough madness in you go and rehabilitate yourself if you've lost a hundred times the chess game of this life be prepared to lose one more if you're the wounded string of a harp on this stage play once more then resonate no more if you're that exhausted bird fighting a falcon for too long make a comeback and be strong you've carved a wooden horse riding and calling it real fooling yourself in life though only a wooden horse ride it again my friend and gallop … [Read more...]

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