Shirlee Hall: [A Sunset Message] HOW DO I GET RELIEF?

[A Sun Message]


People of all ages are asking this question. We are witnessing a staggering number of signs indicating major changes are unfolding. Life is becoming extremely uncomfortable on every level. The world as we know it appears to be coming to an end. Many people are in denial by pretending it is not happening. Environment and global collapse is fast approaching. Instead of being in denial, do something about it at least on a personal level.If you desire relief regardless of the issue, stop and listen to your Self, the Real You. Souls are in trouble because they have fallen prey to falsity. Falsity is making itself known in every area of life all over the globe. What is this falsity? It is darkness, the opposite energy of Radiant Light. It is true that Light is in the darkness but It cannot be seen nor felt unless you, too, are sincerely filled with love, goodness and compassion. To be free of pain linked to the personal and impersonal changes, we must willingly strive to nourish a heart connection with the Light.

Light is sacred.

It is the Essence, the Substance and First Matter of The One. We receive relief according to our consciousness. Although many of us are suffering on some level, remember to pray for others who are experiencing the very thing that is troubling you. For instance, if you need financial assistance whether short or long term, pray not only for yourself but all the other souls trapped in the same situation who deserve to live in dignity and peace. Depression and sorrow is an effect of a serious cause. Pills, alcohol, drugs, sex or food will not cure it. The cause lies within both the collective and individual soul of humanity.

When depressed or filled with sorrow, it is common for an individual to think only of his or her self. That is the very moment when your prayers are best used by reaching out to others who are in an identical predicament somewhere else on the planet. You will be lifted out of your sorrow as you pray for those who are experiencing a similar grief whether they be a total stranger, friend or family member.

Thoughts are energy and a vibrant living power. Your prayer may touch someone clear across the world who does not have the same faith as you but desperately needs to be touched with the selfless power of love that knows no boundaries…the Sacred Holy Spirit.

Through sorrow, depression, humiliation, lack and loneliness we eventually become genuine beings. This is nothing new. The great spiritual genius, Rumi, was once quoted as saying, “Welcome sorrow”. I have always thought it to be insane that humans must suffer to find themselves. As sad and true as this has been, suffering is usually the trigger point leading toward spiritual and moral maturity. We have been bombarded with falsity since we took our first breath.

Falsity is hardening. Falsity is an ugly obstruction lodged in the subconscious part of the mind, which has choked the Light out of many souls. This is what darkness truly is. It is a lack of God’s tangible Light living and working freely as us. The radiant life of the Light is diminished and barely exists without the required nourishment. If it is fed falsity and selfishness, it hardens, becomes crystallized and at some point must be identified and removed.

It is a proven truth that relief comes through faith, trust, prayer, meditation, deep thought and most of all…the action of love. Relief comes to our body, mind and soul when we choose to go into the Silence, our inner laboratory and through imagination Take Action. Use your mind for the good of all. Put on your lab coat, enter the laboratory of the heart and you will eventually return to a state of mind where you are an authentic being. Deliberately create Light where darkness is in control. Make this your fervent prayer for yourself and for others. Relief will come on the wings of Spirit~

Shirlee Hall

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