UN WOMEN – Annual Report 2013

Annual Report 2012-2013 Annual report cover photo © Chris de Bode/Panos Pictures The Annual Report documents UN Women’s work to foster women’s empowerment and gender equality around the world. It highlights some of the organization’s initiatives during the year and provides summary financial statements, a list of new programmes and projects, and contact information. PDF version: English Order Printed/Published Version Languages Available: English Bibliographic Information Subject … [Read more...]

Lorre White reports ‘Central & Eastern European luxury markets ..’

Central & Eastern European luxury markets continue downturn Political instability has been adding to the prolongued financial crisis in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine – resulting in a decrease in buying power, drop in direct foreign investments and an even more restrictive access to credit. This has translated into a drop in luxury sales in all the four countries, across all sectors, especially fashion, jewellery, watches and cars. An increase in wealthy nationals shopping at … [Read more...]

World’s Mothers Report 2012 RELEASED

Save the Children’s Annual State of the World’s Mothers Report is released for 2012 " Norway as the Best Place to Be a Mother; Niger the Worst " MAY 2012 | WESTPORT, Conn. — Save the Children's thirteenth State of the World's Mothers report shows Niger as the worst place to be a mother in the world — replacing Afghanistan for the first time in two years. Norway comes in at first place. The Best and Worst Places to Be a Mom ranking, which compares 165 countries around the … [Read more...]

Brookings: Don't Make Egyptian Upheaval About Washington

  Egyptian Upheaval     Ever since Egypt’s public demonstrations calling for regime change began, Washington has been debating what the White House should or should not say, as if American words in the middle of an upheaval that is not our doing can affect the outcome in Egypt and turn the tide of Arab public opinion in favor of the United States.   But if there is any lesson to be learned from Tunisia, and from the U.S. policy in the region in the past few years, it is that these historic and … [Read more...]

HHS Recovery Act Plans & Reports – Implementation Summary

HHS.gov/Recovery Updates Implementation Summary   HHS received $145.7 billion in Recovery Act funds.   As of November 12, 2010 Total HHS Recovery Funds Obligated (through grants and contracts): $117.0 Billion Total Gross Outlays (spent by recipients): $95.7 Billion Cumulative Recovery Act Medicaid FMAP State draw downs total about $76.2 billion. Also see: Recovery Act Medicaid FMAP State Awards   Savings to States' Prescription Drug (Part D) Costs All the HHS Recovery Weekly … [Read more...]

ONAP Commissions Institute of Medicine – Examine Data Gaps in HIV Care

ONAP Commissions Institute of Medicine Examine Data Gaps in Monitoring Access and Quality of HIV Care This time last year, the Office of National AIDS Policy (ONAP) announced a contract with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to conduct a series of policy analyses to help inform the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. The first of three reports from this project was released two weeks ago and presents important information for policymakers and members of the public working to expand HIV testing and … [Read more...]

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