10 Ways to Spark the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Your Child

The world is filled with entrepreneurs, and it’s a good thing too!   After all, where would we be without things like Velcro and disposable diapers? According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, of the over half a million requests for patents that were filed in 2010, over 244,000 were issued. Because entrepreneurs are how we continue to invent new products and services, it’s important to help create an environment that encourages our children to carry on in the same … [Read more...]

Larry James ~ “My mother was a piece of work.”, said with Love.

Thank You, Mom! You Shaped Me! Happy Mothers Day – 2012! My mother was a piece of work. She bought me a $10 used bicycle and a large basket when I was ten years old and pushed me out the door to go door-to-door selling boxes of all occasion greeting cards to make extra money. There were 21 cards in a box for $1.00. She put together a make-shift accounting method so I could know when I needed to order new merchandise and how much I was making per item sold. I became immune to the … [Read more...]

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