The Importance of Preparedness

Imagine that you’re going about your day in an orderly fashion, minding your own business, and generally enjoying life, then what happens next? It could be something as simple as a shoe breaking or cutting your hand, or something bigger like a regional natural disaster or an accident at work. Whatever the case, it pays to expect the unexpected and to prepare for anything to happen. Being prepared isn’t limited to taking drastic measures, such as having state of the art, secret underground bunker … [Read more...]

‘Immediate Gratification-modern way’, D. Neddermeyer Ph.D.

     "Rome was not built in a day." -John Clarke (1596-1658).     You have probably heard that statement many times. Yet, in today's fast-paced society we tend to demand instant gratification. We want everything faster with more whistles and bells. How often have you heard yourself complain about your slow dial-up computer or you do not have time to wait for a regular meal to be cooked, thus, fast-food with drive-up window is a frequent meal provider. We want everything … [Read more...]

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