The Importance of Preparedness

Imagine that you’re going about your day in an orderly fashion, minding your own business, and generally enjoying life, then what happens next? It could be something as simple as a shoe breaking or cutting your hand, or something bigger like a regional natural disaster or an accident at work. Whatever the case, it pays to expect the unexpected and to prepare for anything to happen. Being prepared isn’t limited to taking drastic measures, such as having state of the art, secret underground bunker in case of an apocalyptic emergency. It simply means knowing that not everything is within your control and having a plan of action for when you need to take a change of course. Here are a few examples of the importance of preparedness.

Daily life

It is easy to fall into a routine when going about your daily life. Some people work, and take the same route to the office every day, have their lunch at the same time, eating at the same desk, then finish their work before leaving at a certain time every single day. For others, they might have to drop their children off at school, then repeat a medley of daily chores, before getting ready for their children to return home at 4pm each day. Whatever the situation, when you get into a routine like this, it is easy to become reliant on your routine going to plan.

However, this is not always going to be the case. You might have a big presentation at work that you have not had before, or maybe your usual route on the school run is blocked by roadworks, and in these situations, going about your day in the usual fashion. You need to prepare for factors to change. It is best to also approach any unexpected change in a calm way, as panicking won’t help the situation. If you have an important meeting or presentation at work, you will need to do plenty of preparation in advance. Regarding roadworks causing delays on the school run, you could calmly think about working out an alternative route, as opposed to panicking and not knowing what to do.


Preparing for an emergency can be difficult because often an emergency situation comes about with little or no warning. However, there are some emergencies that you can prepare for. Small medical emergencies, such as cuts and burns, can receive better immediate care if you have a first aid kit on hand at all times. You may find it useful to have one or two, in the home and the car, especially if you have children who may be more accident prone.

You may also want to have an emergency kit in your car in case of a breakdown, or worse, a car accident. As much as this is something you might prefer to avoid considering, car accidents can be very prevalent, so it is important when preparing for situations such as this, that you know where to go to find all the relevant information. It’s also good to know what to do after an initial accident. Knowing the details of where to find car accident lawyers, for example, can be very helpful. A useful website might be For accidents occurring over on the West Coast, those involved in accidents and who have sustained injuries may want to speak with GJEL attorneys – GJEL is one of the highest rated personal injury law firms in Califronia.

Life changes

Big life changes can happen all the time, and unfortunately for some situations, such as unexpected bereavement, there is not a lot you can do to prepare yourself. However, for something such as moving to a new house, there are lots of ways you can be prepared. For example, you can get ahead on packing up your house, so that you don’t struggle to do everything short notice. For big life changes like having a baby, it is crucial to be prepared, as you will struggle to find time to do a lot of essential things after a baby is born. You’ll want to make sure you have the house ready for your return, such as by having the baby’s room prepared, and also have all of the essentials bought in advance, and easily at hand.

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