"Inner Whispers" Below is VERONICA's message about April's new book "In The Afterlife" (actually, it is about much more than that). But first, today Wednesday September 21 is the "official" launch of this book on AMAZON! 1) Everyone who orders a copy of this book before the end of today will instantly receive three free special thank you gifts. After you order, just go to www.InTheAfterLife.Info and sign up at the bottom of the page. See www.InTheAfterLife.Info for … [Read more...]

VERONICA – Spiritual Messages: Spirit Guides III

        A Message From VERONICA                 Spirit Guides III   Maintaining a Relationship with Spirit Guides        "Linear participation is a great opportunity for condensed experience for the soul. It was intended for all to feel the individuality of the moments while staying connected to the vastness of spiritual. The soul may have difficulties adjusting to the singleness + perceived separation because of the intensity of the energy required to incarnate. One may feel great … [Read more...]

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