VERONICA – Spiritual Messages: Spirit Guides III

A Message From VERONICA
Spirit Guides III
Maintaining a Relationship with Spirit Guides

“Linear participation is a great opportunity for condensed experience for the soul.

It was intended for all to feel the individuality of the moments while staying connected to the vastness of spiritual.

The soul may have difficulties adjusting to the singleness + perceived separation because of the intensity of the energy required to incarnate. One may feel great spiritual loneliness and not be able to define the roots of it.

Soul energy has a connected memory of oneness that sustains most though the physical journey. The feeling of separation is born when situations and dramas become out of control for various reasons. When the soul perceives itself without the support of the non-linear it will often engage in a variety of negativity including depression, anger, disappointment + disillusionment.

The spirit guide gives the soul an opportunity to reconnect in a “linear way” while re-igniting the energy needed to engage whatever the intended purpose might be.

Therefore, the relationship between yourself and your guides is enormously important.

That unique interaction may make a complete transition from negative to positive participation in your life.”






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