“Preventing Child Marriage”

"Ending Gender Based Violence" “Educating girls, ultimately educates everyone. It is the power within that can move mountains without” - Libbi Gorr A well-educated girl possesses great power—the power of thought, choice and action. Through secondary, tertiary, and higher education a girl is empowered to be an independent decision-maker, with the choice of being whoever she desires to be. Educating a girl gives her control over her life and body. She can choose her goals, profession, … [Read more...]

Celebration House™ – “building better lives, one brick at a time”

DIRECT PAYMENT OPTION EMAIL TRANSFER FUNDS TO: acelebrationofwomen@hotmail.com QUESTION: what is name ANSWER: chbrick SINGLE BRICK = $100.00 CORNERSTONE CORPORATE CORPORATE = $1000.00 BRICKS "building better lives, one brick at a time" SINGLE BRICK $100.00 CAD CORNERSTONE BRICK ( Corporate) $1,000.00 CAD … [Read more...]

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