Peace Troubadour: The Habit of Attraction (Video)

Newsletter April 2011 The Habit of Attraction Don't miss the second video Beloved Friends... The other day I sent you an email about a very good friend of mine who created a manifesting process called The Habit of Attraction. His name is Robert Evans and he recently released a video series that explains this process. I love these videos because they teach you how to apply it in my life RIGHT NOW. This is one of the most powerful processes I've seen, and it's FREE. I suggest you go … [Read more...]

Peace Troubadour: The Greatest Peace Idea in Years!

  Newsletter February 27, 2011 The Greatest Peace Idea in Years! And it's easy to be involved! Please, please pass this email to everyone you know. This is the best way to support the peace movements currently taking place in the Middle East. They need your support, and in order to meet our goal, we need your help! Imagine this: A million peace prayers from people like you who want to support the peaceful demonstrations in the Middle East, placed inside … [Read more...]

Let's Move: Follow Us on Twitter‏

FEBRUARY 16, 2011 WATCH this Video of First Lady, Michelle Obama's travels.... THIS WEEK Thank you for making our Let’s Move! anniversary week a success. We had Let’s Move! anniversary events from Keene, NH to Sacramento, CA: check out the many blog posts from last week. The First Lady traveled to New York to talk about Let’s Move! accomplishments on the morning shows and flew to Atlanta to give a rousing speech to parents. We even created a video about her day on the … [Read more...]

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