Peace Troubadour: The Greatest Peace Idea in Years!


Newsletter February 27, 2011
The Greatest Peace Idea in Years! And it’s easy to be involved! Please, please pass this email to everyone you know. This is the best way to support the peace movements currently taking place in the Middle East. They need your support, and in order to meet our goal, we need your help!

Imagine this:
A million peace prayers from people like you who want to support the peaceful demonstrations in the Middle East, placed inside a peace pole which is then planted in Egypt! Once again…a six foot tall peace pole with the prayer:
 “May Peace Prevail on Earth” printed in four different languages, brought to Egypt and planted somewhere near the Pyramids of Giza.”
 This is something that every person on the planet should participate in, and it begins with you!

All you need to do is to click here and add your one line prayer. The prayer should be simple and direct, eg. “Peace has filled every heart in the Middle East.” Once we reach our goal of one million prayers we will have them printed off in tiny strips, then placed inside the peace pole that will be planted in Egypt. Your prayer will then radiate into the ground itself, adding momentum to the great shift that is sweeping through many countries.

James Twyman planting a peace pole in Baghdad
with spiritual leaders from around the world in 2003.

James Twyman has planted peace poles in some of the greatest areas of conflict, including Iraq, Bosnia, Israel, and South Africa. This project is special because your prayers will be placed inside, adding your energy to this important world situation. Please don’t hesitate. Add your prayer right now and then pass this email to everyone you know. We need this to go viral in order to meet our million person goal.

In the past fifteen years James Twyman, also known as the Peace Troubadour, has helped organize prayer vigils around the world that have produced miraculous results. Millions of people have participated, and in many cases we were able to scientifically measure the results, proving that this force is not only important and powerful, but perhaps the most powerful force on the planet. We need your held, so please add your prayer today.

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