UN Women celebrates trailblazing Mount Everest Women!

A powerful symbol of rising equality and women’s empowerment Women from around the world are scaling their way to the top but barriers remain. The Courage of Ten Nepalese Women to climb Mt. Everest supported by UNDP, WFP, UN family. Last week a 27-year-old graphic artist named Raha Moharrak made headlines as the first Saudi woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest. On the same day she reached the summit, the first woman from Pakistan, Samina Baig, did the same. The next day, … [Read more...]

Women unlock chains of development in rural Nepal

SURKHET, Nepal – Amidst the hustle and bustle of passing vehicles, dust and honking horns on the Surkhet-Jumla road, about 350 km west of Kathmandu, the patches of green vegetables within a few minutes’ walk are a soothing treat to the eyes. Bimala Adhikari, shown with her children, heads a rural women's cooperative in Nepal.©Rocky Prajapati/IFAD The proud owners of the vegetable plots are women, most of them affiliated with the Nari Ekata (“Women United”) Women’s Cooperative. With 124 … [Read more...]

HIV+ Nepalese women suffer “layers of discrimination”

In the AIDS epidemic in Nepal, the most-at-risk populations are female sex workers, injecting drug users, migrants and men who have sex with men. In 1988, Nepal launched the first National AIDS Prevention and Control Programme. This programme, known as the Short-Term Plan for AIDS Prevention and Control, formed the basis for the First Medium Term Plan 1990-92. This programme was externally reviewed in December 1992 and on the basis of the recommendations made during the review, the Second … [Read more...]

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