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YWCA ( Toronto ) celebrating Free Film Screening – May 22

  WEDNESDAY, MAY 22 | 7-9pm THE WORLD BEFORE HERE - Free Film Screening YWCA Toronto Elm Centre | 87 Elm Street   RSVP by Monday, May 20th For more information contact Vanessa Flores at: [email protected] or 416.961.8101 x 353     … [Read more...]

Saturn transiting Scorpio, meeting our shadow-sides, hang on!

With Saturn transiting Scorpio, many of us are meeting our shadow-sides. We see that we are not quite a nice or innocent as we believed. Recently I had a client contact me after stumbling onto a part of her personality that she found repulsive. She was glad to have someone to confide in. I told her that this happens to everyone, eventually. It's happened to me. I struggled when I was confronted with my shadow side. Here's what I wrote about that in my book, Heaven, I Mean Circle … [Read more...]

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