Saturn transiting Scorpio, meeting our shadow-sides, hang on!


darknessWith Saturn transiting Scorpio, many of us are meeting our shadow-sides. We see that we are not quite a nice or innocent as we believed.

Recently I had a client contact me after stumbling onto a part of her personality that she found repulsive. She was glad to have someone to confide in.

I told her that this happens to everyone, eventually. It’s happened to me. I struggled when I was confronted with my shadow side. Here’s what I wrote about that in my book, Heaven, I Mean Circle K:

“A week earlier, I would not have thought this possible. Now, not only was it possible, it was happening. I thought this made me foul, and a base human being. This is how I understood the situation, as I sat in the chair and came to terms with this fact. No. Apparently, I won’t sacrifice my ass for yours. This was news to me, around what sort of person I was, and I let it crystallize inside me. I didn’t know I could go this low, but I could…and I would.”

It’s disturbing when you realize there is a gap between “what you would do” and “what you would do when your life is at stake.”

scorpionThis is a jolt for most people, but it’s also the key to unlocking your incredible strength and power. It puts you in touch with your core.

You’re forced to accept the reality (Saturn) of your own darkness (Scorpio).

If you find yourself struggling in this realm, my Saturn in Scorpio Workshop can help. It’s a fearless foray into the deep end of the pool. Best of all, it’s private. You can read it and re-read it on your own and no one needs to know about it.

Have a great day,
Elsa P

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