CHILDCARE, 10 Pets ‘not’ to adopt if you have little ones!

While most will choose more traditional animals like cats or dogs, there’s a chance that their tastes will run a bit more towards the exotic. In some cases, some smaller pets may even seem like a better choice to parents who aren’t aware of the drawbacks that some common choices bring to the table. These 10 pets are among those that you won’t want to adopt if you’re planning to have children in the near future, or if you already have little ones in the house. Primates – Fictional … [Read more...]

Monkey God Festival: HONG KONG – September 23

  Monkey God Festival  is a Chinese festival celebrated mainly in Hong Kong.  September 23, 2010     Monkey God Festival is a religious festival celebrated mainly in Hong Kong, China. The Monkey God Festival is mainly celebrated in Hong Kong, on the sixteenth day of the eight lunar month, between September and October. It is dedicated to the Monkey God who was thrown out of the Taoist Heaven for his mischievous deeds.     A Celebration of Women sends our blessings to all the women of our … [Read more...]

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