Free Online Event for Women 50+, starting JAN 11

Let’s Reignite Your Life! I’m so excited to extend a FREE invitation to you for the Reignite Your Life Online Event for Women 50+! Are you at a crossroads and looking for deeper fulfillment? Ready to embrace and enjoy the second half of your life? Tired of the status quo? Know there is more to life than the same old, same old? Tired of being told its part of the aging process? It’s time to address those long ignored yearnings! Ready to reboot and revolutionize your midlife? What if you … [Read more...]

“Women in the Workplace” – Speaker Roster – JAN 30/31

DATES & TIME NOTATION: JAN 30 = 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM JAN 31 = 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM SPEAKERS: This 2 Day Event will focus on “Women in the Workplace” offering highlighted female speakers that will share their experiences in the workplace, the challenges they have risen above and offer amazing Tips for YOU to succeed in the line of work that makes YOU want to get up in the morning. WE are elated to Announce our Celebrated and Esteemed Speaker Panel - JAN 30 & JAN 31 JAN 30 - Speaker … [Read more...]

Determine, Discover and Transform™ your Life

Determine, Discover, Transform Your Life Moira is a champion for women who want to become crystal clear on their passions, purpose and what they want to create in their lives. Moira has shared this powerful message with women around the world and through this VIP Women Visionaries™ was born. Moira designed her Signature System “Determine, Discover and Transform your Life™” to help women create positive change in their lives, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. She works … [Read more...]

VIP Women Visionaries launching – Join Today!

We are officially launching our VIP Women Visionaries and thrilled to have you as part of our group of heart centered visionary entrepreneurs and women world wide! Congratulations on saying YES to really living your life on purpose, passionate and embracing prosperity. I am honored and grateful to have all of you as part of our movement and ready to play the bigger game of getting on the court! Throughout the years, I want to thank you for being part of Success Breakthrough©, whether … [Read more...]

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