“Women in the Workplace” – Speaker Roster – JAN 30/31

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JAN 30 = 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
JAN 31 = 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


This 2 Day Event will focus on “Women in the Workplace” offering highlighted female speakers that will share their experiences in the workplace, the challenges they have risen above and offer amazing Tips for YOU to succeed in the line of work that makes YOU want to get up in the morning.

WE are elated to Announce our Celebrated and Esteemed Speaker Panel – JAN 30 & JAN 31

JAN 30 – Speaker Roster 

7 PM – Moira Sutton

Topic: Determine Discover Transform

moira newsMoira is a skilled communicator with 25 years in the Personal Development & Transformational Field and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help her clients achieve the success and happiness they deserve. She holds her B.A. in Psychology and is a Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Author, Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Certified in the Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coaching Programs.

Moira produced and hosted 32 one hour television shows that aired on the Canadian Rogers network for two successful years. The show “Success Breakthroughs” highlighted entrepreneurs who shared how they created success in their lives. She is also the Host and Producer of “Heart Soul Wisdom™” soon to be released. Heart Soul Wisdom™ features interviews with people who are dedicated to making a difference in the world.

How to work with Moira
~ Attract more into your Life
~ More Money
~ Fulfilling Relationships
~ Freedom
~ Love, Joy & Happiness
~ Passion, Purpose and Creativity
~ Energy, Time, Clarity and Focus
~ Life and Work Balance
~ Begin to Close the Gap from Where you Are To Where you Want to Be

Board Certification and Professional Designations: . NLP Practitioner . NLP Coach (Executive & Life) . Time Line Therapy® Practitioner . Creating your Future® Coaching Processes Specialist . Hypnotherapist

8 PM – Lisa Maxam

Topic: The Staff Room and me….how it began!

The Staff Room logo

LISA MAXAM – The Staff Room

How I started in HR…it was an accident…trust me
– My hurdles and success/How I ended up a company owner
– What I see the future holds for females worldwide

Lisa The Staff RoomHow I worked for a company that had maybe 10-20 people and when I left about 5 years later had over 150 and a rap sheet….
– My hurdles and success/How I ended up a company owner the male dominated companies and where did I fit in….or didn’t

– What I see the future holds for females worldwide

*** The drive, passion you need and you need to stay positive and want it….and the political games in the corporate world.


POWER MANNERS, Shannon Smith
( Premiere Image International Inc. )

POWER MANNERS shannon smithIn this hyped and frenzied world of impersonal communication, most people forget the value of professional ethics, common courtesies, decent manners, correct social etiquette and good personal grooming.

Too bad, because first impressions are instantaneous and irreplaceable. Knowing how to behave has never been more important to your success. Like it or not, your ‘personal brand’ is constantly on show, as family, friends, colleagues, clients and employers watch and keep score.

But don’t expect this book to be about some stiff, formal, inflexible code of conduct. Instead it’s full of juicy information and insider-tips that you won’t find elsewhere. Sound advice about how to use good manners to add the polish that leads to personal power, turning every encounter into a compelling expression of self-confidence.

Poor manners can limit a person’s progress, both professionally and socially. Follow the game plan in this book,make a commitment to apply the lessons learned,and you will experience life-altering changes in attitude, behavior and habits, empowering yourself to communicate credibly, persuasively and effectively.

Good manners are rooted in common sense, logic and kindness and grounded by an underlying philosophy that we should all treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Using universal truths as her baseline, Shannon has added her life experience and her expertise as an international image strategist to this book about best behavior.

Learn the Secrets of Self-Confidence, Discover the Power of Influence,

Make Success a Natural Part of Your Life.

In it you will discover:

– How to dress appropriately
– What International Protocol really means
– The secrets behind effective presentations
– The difference between manners & etiquette
– That gossip can be good
– When to kiss and when to shake hands
– How to survive meetings


JAN 31 – Speaker Roster

11:30 AM – Afua Boateng

Topic: “I’m So Glad I Messed-Up”

Afua Boateng is a Regional Sales Manager for a direct sales company, mother, wife, volunteer, student mentor, and happy. But this wasn’t always the case.

10 years ago, she was a Chemical Engineer for a pharmaceutical company, a part-time student, single, and happily miserable.

afuaIn the telling of her journey entitled “I’m So Glad I Messed-Up”, learn from the experiences of a woman whose life taught her to embrace her femininity, to advance her career as a woman, and to touch the lives of those around her.

If you have ever wondered if you are in the right place, if being a woman is holding you back, or if you are the only one who feels like a failure or inadequate, you need to hear Afua’s message of transformation and perseverance.

Come and be inspired to redefine your career by being your best YOU!

1 PM  –  Yvonne Connell



Yvonne Connell , Moments of Joy Yoga & Health Center
Homeopath, Certified Aromatherapist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Practitioner

1) Breathing Techniques – how breath changes thinking & feeling – more clarity,focus,and concentration

2) Breathing for stress management -anytime,anywhere (how breathing changes the physiology of the body and hormones) quick version.

3) Several 1 – 3 minutes breathing techniques to “Experience the experience”

To learn more about Yvonne, please visit: www.momentsofjoy.org

3 PM – Christene Cronin

TOPIC: The Interview – Put Your Best Foot Forward utilizing Emotional Intelligence

Christene Cronin1. Energy, Drive, Initiative
Increase your confidence level; show up on time with enthusiasm and take the initiative to ask your own questions. (The person who asks the questions, leads the conversation.)

2. Prepare for the top Five Interview Questions
Be clear on what you are looking for, be definitive of all your skills either technical or soft skills. Let them know what you have to offer and how you can benefit the company.

3. Most common mistakes in an Interview
Increase your professionalism and be prepared for almost any type of question or query.


Christene Cronin is a certified coach, facilitator, and founder of Discovering You. She is a 20 year veteran of the IT world with seven years in direct sales, and is living proof that emotional intelligence is a major building block for success.

Christene’s personal experience with burn out is her driving force and passion to help women in business avoid it at all costs by becoming more self-aware of the symptoms and signs our bodies provide us, and then taking action.

Christene is also an alliance ambassador with Powerteam Int’l who shares with small business owners, practical real-world methods and tools that successful organizations are using to win big in this tough economy. This is accomplished through small business workshops, and training programs in cities around the world.

Christene gives back as a volunteer mentor for immigrant women entrepreneurs in start-up businesses. For more information on Christene’s work please visit www.discoveringyou.ca


Women are the Key to a better future and the time is NOW for women to help women ‘thrive’ and rise above ‘survive’. If you are a brilliant career consultant – this is one EXPO that You want to Support!

EXHIBITORS: Standard Tables @ $50.00 per day

We are seeking Career Counsellors representatives from private education centers, private sector, colleges, Job Placement Advisers, HR representatives from companies that are seeking to fill specific positions, appropriate for WOMEN.

We have one more opening for “Sponsorship“, a position in this event that will enable Your Company to host a speaker spot, place logo on all collateral, publish one full page feature on our global E-zine and maintain a large 6′ table for the whole 2 Day event.


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