Anolei Camel Milk Cooperative: a powerful story of women!

The Power of Camel Milk 'The story of the Anolei Camel Milk Cooperative' “We are a community of camels”, is how Kalif Abey of the Kenya Camel Association (KCA) welcomed us in Greater Isiolo in the arid and semi-arid low plains of the upper eastern part of Kenya. The majority of the “ruteros” are from Sudan and Somaliland, therefore have extensive experience with camels and been eagerly awaiting to meet the hosts of this case, local camel raisers and members of the Anolei … [Read more...]

WFP – Celebrate The Good News On Malnutrition!

    The Good News On Malnutrition There’s plenty of bad news about malnutrition, starting with the fact that one in three children in the developing world suffers from chronic undernutrition and is stunted as a result. But there is good news too.     ROME--Here are five reasons to be optimistic about our chances of winning the battle against child undernutrition:   1. We have the science There’s no lack of knowledge nowadays. We know that if you can ensure babies are nourished properly in … [Read more...]

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