Health As Expanding Consciousness, Margaret Newman

The evolution and expansion of consciousness is inevitable. With the expansion of consciousness comes new ways of seeing reality. Everything changes. You see things that you never could of conceived of before. Old philosophies and religions suddenly appear naive and give way to a far more profound understanding. Most religions and philosophies will not last long, simply because it is inevitable that a profound transformation in our consciousness, in our way of understanding and interacting … [Read more...]

(Wo)manifesto for all Crones and Crones-in-training

From plastic surgery, up to and including the injection of toxic chemicals into our faces, to the Balkanization, if not outright exile of those over a certain age. The rendering of people, mostly women over 45 years of age to almost invisibility by the mass media.   It is plain to see that we as a whole are not dealing with the natural progress of aging well. This was not always the case. There was a time when those who had managed to survive a remarkably harsh world were regarded … [Read more...]

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