SIOBHAN WILCOX – Quote Action of the Day

  Your "QuoteAction" of the day: "Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone." Novelist, Gladys Browyn Stern   Your Action for today is: 'to express your gratitude to someone.' Have an extraordinary day! Wishing you Love, Light and Peace in your day. Siobhan Wilcox         Be the change  that you want to see!     Siobhan Wilcox 3435 Camino Del Rio Sth, Suite 310 San Diego, CA … [Read more...]

Lynette Louise, State Dependent Learning: A Teaching and Autism AHA! Moment

Sometimes I believe things and don’t know why. I then use this mysterious belief to help others generalize their intended behavior rather than act out of habit. Many people say it’s because I know things others don’t and they call it an intuitive understanding. I have pondered the word ‘intuitive’ for this very reason and have come to the belief that, in fact, I just process behavioral observations faster than most people. This is my job, I use many tools and I am good at … [Read more...]

Dallas Rocks Against Autism

      Kaspar the friendly robot helps Autistic Children   By Nancy Churnin - Reporter [email protected] | Bio     The quest to understand autism and help those who have been diagnosed with it has spawned inspiring creativity. In England, researchers have created a robot, that they've named Kaspar,that plays with kids with this disease. Consider the way that kids without autism learn emotional lessons from their dolls. This interactive robot gives kids with autism, who have … [Read more...]

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