What is a Community of Purpose?, Irene Becker

  What Is A Community of Purpose?     Why Do YOU Need One?   Purpose is the only sustainable way to create value. Purpose also makes and sustains profit because it is the only true driver of our greatest potential.    What is a Community of Purpose?   Whether you want to build a happy life, a successful enterprise, small business or professional practice; YOU need a community of purpose. Your community of purpose can be a small group or team, … [Read more...]

Success = The Reach and Resonance of the Human Heart

Are we dying from a death of the obvious, or will the obvious take us forward smarter, faster and happier? Stress expert and comedienne, Loretta Laroche, commented that we are “dying from a death of the obvious.” I believe that the obvious can have enormous impact on our present and future. Science confirms that in order to optimize our potential we need to get happy first. Common sense tells us that the right and ability to live happy lives is the most important goal of all. Inspiration + … [Read more...]

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