What is a Community of Purpose?, Irene Becker


What Is A Community of Purpose?

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Why Do YOU Need One?


Purpose is the only sustainable way to create value.

Purpose also makes and sustains profit because it is the only true driver of our greatest potential.


 What is a Community of Purpose?


Whether you want to build a happy life, a successful enterprise, small business or professional practice; YOU need a community of purpose.

Your community of purpose can be a small group or team, it can be a few people or just a valued and trusted coach or advisor… developing that community of purpose is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, the actualization of your potential and the potential of those you lead and serve.

We all need communities of purpose, because it can be terribly lonely at the top, and it is lonely in the middle and at the bottom too. Loneliness, isolation, lack of trust, lack of solid personal and career relationships…lack of communities of purpose can break even the best and brightest among us, or leave us spinning in overdrive or stuck in stasis.


Why do YOU need one?

Success is sustained by a community of purpose.

Hands upLike minded people who share values and goals have the ability to reach past what is and create what can be. The heads, hearts and souls of many can together make a difference that can move a life, many lives, organizations and ultimately our world.

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a community of like minded people to create and sustain any successful venture.

Our potential to DO GOOD is as real as the threats that we face; the threat of narcissism, greed, fear, negativity and all those ugly contagions of destruction that lurk in the shadows of our minds, our lives, our workplaces….our world. Surviving and thriving is about reaching past self imposed and all barriers to actualize our potential and the potential of others. Staying focused, healthy, happy and able to meet and greet challenges and opportunities that will continue to hit us on the face harder and faster than ever before demands a community of purpose.
Open your mind, open your heart to like-minded people who can be partners in your success, and you in theirs. Reach past the din of noise, negativity, narcissism we all face and look for people who stand up, stand strong. Focus on finding people you can count on and those who can count on you. And, remember what you focus on grows! Look not at the number of social media followers you have, but rather pause and ask yourself about the people you know, the people you communicate with who can be part of your personal or professional/business community of purpose.

Who will you reach out to?

What can you accomplish together?

Take this moment to reach out to simply one individual who can be a part of your community of purpose; you will be pleasantly surprised when they reach back. And, if they do not reach back, move forward and look for members who will become your community of purpose.

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