Learning Metrics Task Force, Rebecca Winthrop

I’m very pleased to share with you that we recently brought on former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard as a nonresident senior fellow. As prime minister, Julia Gillard made education reform a top priority in Australia, and her passion and commitment to improve education around the world will continue with her work at the center. As a fellow, she will participate in a variety of research projects, including initiatives promoting girls’ education in developing countries. We look forward to … [Read more...]

Julia Gillard – WINS her Post as Prime Minister, Australia

  AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER WINS HER POST  Julia Gillard, who became Australia’s first Woman Prime Minister last June, after she toppled the leader of her party, managed to retain her post by persuading two independent members of Parliament and Green party members to join her in forming the country’s first minority coalition government in 67 years.   (Source, Associated Press, 9/7/10)   Ms. Gillard came to power when she replaced former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as leader of the … [Read more...]

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