Women Who Changed Our Planet

When it comes to environmentalism, why let Al Gore, Teddy Roosevelt, and John Muir take all the credit? Some of the most powerful voices documenting and studying our unique planet have been women. In many cases, these leading ladies pushed gender norms, stood up to patriarchal restrictions, and fought to make their voices heard in the national and international arena. Jane Goodall Photo by nick step via Flickr Born in 1934, Jane Goodall grew to love chimpanzees after being given a … [Read more...]

Shirlee Hall is celebrated by Susan Parcheta!

Into the Woods: With author Shirlee Hall, composer Dave Glenn Alley and a few amazing treehuggers Posted by Susan G. Parcheta Click on this bell to enter to win a basket full of Howell items to celebrate Howell History Days. I think I’m a Treehugger. The notion has been growing in me in recent years; but it wasn’t until I became acquainted with Shirlee Hall and Dave Glenn Alley on Facebook, that I knew. I certainly wouldn’t have given myself that label. Shirlee and Dave, however, … [Read more...]

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