True awakened meaning of integrity, Jennifer Hough

"Integrity in the rigid format of the ego means that you do what you say.  Integrity in the spirit of awakening means that your words match your heart and then you do what presents."  - J. Hough   I've had a few conversations with clients lately about having integrity and wishing that people did what they promised.  The problem comes when what they promised is more in tune with wishing they could do it, rather than what would truly serve them and the whole of humanity. Here's what I know for … [Read more...]

Toronto event this Thursday! , Jennifer Hough

A special "By Donation" evening event in Toronto this Thursday! "The Four Pillars of Awakening! ~ Living Beyond Beliefs and Out of Your Mind" Thursday, June 7, 2012 - 7pm-9:30pm Awakening is a process of remembering who we are, cellularly and beyond. It is a series of infusions, physical shifts and integrations that take us all on the inevitable journey of physically and etherically realizing who the Universe say us to be, before we even got here. Join us for a special "by donation" … [Read more...]

‘Access Your Power’ – Weekend Intensive Workshop: Oct. 15/9:30am – Oct. 16/5:00pm

Access Your Power is an intensive weekend workshop delving into the mysteries and mechanics of unlocking your authentic power and creating genuine fulfillment in your life. A completely holistic approach to developing your authentic power, linking powerful self expression in the external world with your inherent source of authentic power based on your interconnectedness with the universe and the source of creativity and power itself. The 'Global Awakening Institute' Transform your … [Read more...]

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