Toronto event this Thursday! , Jennifer Hough

A special “By Donation” evening event in Toronto this Thursday!

“The Four Pillars of Awakening! ~ Living Beyond Beliefs and Out of Your Mind”

Thursday, June 7, 2012 – 7pm-9:30pm

Awakening is a process of remembering who we are, cellularly and beyond. It is a series of infusions, physical shifts and integrations that take us all on the inevitable journey of physically and etherically realizing who the Universe say us to be, before we even got here. Join us for a special “by donation” evening in Toronto! The results of this evening will be far more peace in your life with the powerful shift that is happening, increased fluidity with your life’s purpose, comfort and confidence, and the ability to disengage drama on a whole new level…….


“What if a laser light could shine itself through a container of love and carry that frequency everywhere. It would then infuse the purity of that energy into anything and everything it touches.

Venus passes in front of the sun today, the love planet will be backlit by our sun, infusing this globe with the purity of love it represents (which will not happen again until 2117).

In the meantime, our words are the laser, our heart is the container of love and the recipients of that gift is everyone. Just sayin'”

J. Hough

TRAVELS with Jennifer Hough … take a peek at what is Coming this Summer !!!

Just spent some time on the beautiful island of Bimini with soul family on a Wide Awake Adventure with dolphins. Dolphins send and receive frequencies within and outside of our hearing, however, when we are in the water with them, we feel them as much as we hear them. It’s like hearing with all of our 60 trillion cells. Imagine being seen at that level…..maybe you can even get it from the picture I’ve attached, from a dolphin that was inches away from me……….

In the Flow: We are also bathed in the frequencies of everything that we all emanate (like trees, governments, family, etc). Most fortunately LOVE trumps all frequencies below it. So you see, you CAN change the world by emanating the purity of love and you do!

Let Go of the Oars: As for the wonderful cosmic event that is happening today, Venus will pass in front of the sun this afternoon in North America. Is it possible that we could allow a laser infusion of the love that Venus represents and radiate it back out into the world? What are you oozing out into humanity?

Feeling you across the miles and light years! I swear you were Venusian in another life…..LOL…..xoxo SOS (Jennifer)



UK Portals of Light Crop Circles & Stonehenge Tour – Wide Awake Adventure July 19 – 23, 2012

Join us on the Portals of Light Crop Circles and Stonehenge Tour!

What you may experience:

  • The Awakening of your connection with higher levels, your other dimensions, and integrating the science and the spirit in unprecidented ways, as you are guided by Jennifer Hough for 6 days of fascinating expansion, new awarenesses, and cell/heart/mind expanding experiences
  • Meet with some of the most leading edge scientists on sacred geometry of the crop circles, commune with the crop circle community.
  • The places we will go: A private viewing of Stonehenge with Jennifer experiencing knowledge beyond our Earth • chase crop circles being created while we are there with specific messages to help us all integrate • go to where Merlin once stood in Avon • a visit to the Glastonbury Tor • visit the largest stone circle in the world and be guided by the foremost channeller on these vortexes as she completely opens you to far beyond what you had ever imagined about what Avebury is about and why it is there! • and more!!
  • Understand what it is to allow all aspects of Creation assist your life, what it is to truly co-create with all levels of your being and beyond, and find the confidence to go direct with your cosmic assisstance team while having a total friggin blast with Jennifer taking you through the awakening activations……….This trip is truly about integrating your full potential, experiencing science and spirituality as one and going direct with your cosmic assistance realms… and so much more! JOIN US! For more info and to register, click HERE


Join Jennifer on a Wide Awake Adventure to the Divine Feminine Awakening to Ireland! July 4-11, 2012

Join us on the Divine Feminine Awakening Adventure to Ireland – Opening your vortex to create, receive and delight in life with magic and wonder!
This trip is for all that are wanting to experience:
  • The Awakening of your untapped magic within through the ancient Celtic, Pagan and pre-historic wisdom as you are guided by Jennifer Hough for 7 days of delicious and profound awakening experiences!
  • Your ability to let go of ‘going after’ everything, and letting life’s opportunities in love, career and play all COME TO YOU…
  • First hand connection with your higher levels, guidance, deva’s, and the beauty you have never seen inside you and all around
  • The places we will go: The centre of the spiritual awakening of Ireland from 5000 years ago • make magical wands in the middle of a beautiful fairy forest • journey with our Shaman Eugene to assist in the building a place of healing for teens for an afternoon • climb magical Seefin mountain to discover the mystical cairns at the top • view the ancient relics of Donegal and County May • and so much more!
  • Understand what it is to recieve, open, be love, and be loved, and truly play dance and sing with all of life without worry about judgment of others….and most certainly freeing yourself of your own……….
  • This Wide Awake Adventure is truly about expansiveness, abundance and so much more! To join us and for more info, click HERE
The Vital You • 905-640-2303 x30 •
The Vital You 159 Hwy 47 RR#3 Stouffville, ON L4A 7X4 CA

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