Jensine Larsen — Give To Unlock Women’s Collective Genius!‏

Genius is awaiting and you can unleash it. Millions of potential Nobel Peace Laureates, Heads of State, young Malalas, and Gandhis are making waves, but their voices are yet to be discovered. Give to World Pulse because unlocking women's potential through the rapid power of technology will lift us all. Donate today and every dollar you give will be doubled. She used to hide the scar on her throat with a scarf----a painful reminder of surviving attempted infanticide as an unwanted girl … [Read more...]

Commonwealth Day – This year’s theme is ‘Women as Agents of Change’

    Commonwealth Day      Celebrated March 14, 2011      A Celebration of Women honors the Commonwealth and Celebrates this years Theme of 2011    The idea of a designated day each year to celebrate the Empire was first put forward in 1894 by the Canadian branch of the Royal Colonial Institute (now the Royal Commonwealth Society). Clementina Fessenden, the wife of Ontario Minister of Education, Senator George W. Ross, promoted a scheme for children to commemorate the Empire on one day each … [Read more...]

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