Women farmers worldwide need support – Take Action!

Women face widespread restrictions with their ability to buy, sell or inherit land, open a savings account, borrow money or sell their crops at market. They also are more likely than men to lack access to rudimentary basics of farming such as fertilizers, water, tillers, transportation, improved crop and animal varieties, and extension services. (..) “The global sidelining of women farmers puts our food security at great risk,” said Mark Holderness, Executive Secretary for the Global Forum on … [Read more...]

Women 2010 West and Central Africa Farmers, celebrating smallholder farming as a business

    One of the highlights of the 2010 West and Central Africa regional implementation workshops was the field trip. While we were sorry that we could not visit an IFAD-funded project and programme, we were excited to visit the modern village farm of Djilakh - government financed activity in cooperation of the Spanish government, covering the entire agricultural, production and marketing value chain.   We had an early wake up call, with departure scheduled for 8:00am. Two buses made their way … [Read more...]

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