What to Pack Taking a Toddler on a Cruise

Introducing your little one to the open sea by taking a family cruise is an exciting and memorable way to spend a family vacation. Cruise lines offer plenty of entertainment and fun in the sun for the entire family, but it’s necessary to put some forethought into the packing process when there will be little ones on board. When you’re on a ship in the middle of the ocean, you can’t quite run to the market to snag a few essentials, after all. If you're thinking of going a cruise sometime … [Read more...]

10 Key Things in a Vacation Lodging – Traveling with Kids

10 Things to Look for in a Vacation Rental Traveling with Kids When you’re planning an extended family vacation, a rental property is often more economical and more convenient than a long stay in cramped hotel quarters. Selecting the perfect short-term vacation rental, however, is far from a simple process if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. When you’re adequately prepared and have a firm idea of your needs in mind, however, finding the perfect vacation home is far from daunting. … [Read more...]

Family Vacations, 10 Great Historical American Sites

Using your family vacation as an opportunity to expose your children to sites rich with American cultural and historical significance is an effective way of making sure that the trip is both a fun and informative one. Parents with aspirations of instilling an appreciation of history and the American journey in their children need look no further. These 10 attractions and landmarks, each of which is iconic in its own right: Colonial Williamsburg – The world’s largest living history … [Read more...]

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