Celebrate Easter 2012 with Love in Your Heart !!!

I AM that I AM - I AM the RESSURECTION and the LIFE of all outer activities of my Life! Easter 2012 Outpouring of Light & Full Activation of the Etheric Records of Jesus Christ Ascension Welcome to the Dispensation of the Rose Pink Ray to the Earth, the Return of the Divine Mother's Presence, the Path of the Heart, the I AM Presence, and the Soul.This official Dispensation truly offers a deep understanding of the Soul and its evolution; the highest evolution being the Radiant … [Read more...]

cbm – Spring to Life‏

LIFE is what we celebrate each Spring... Jesus' life, love, and sacrifice. The life all around us as birds chirp and trees blossom. The lives cbm rescues from poverty and disability – families on their feet again, children able to go to school, a mom who can now see and provide for her children. Our Easter gift catalogue is full of gifts for every pocket. And, with each gift, you receive an eCard to share with your honoured love one. These cards are a great way of passing your values along to … [Read more...]

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