Numerology and the Tarot‏, Mike Madigan

One of the oldest applications of numerology has to do with the design of Tarot card. The numbers on Tarot cards are enormously significant when it comes to interpreting the meaning of a card reading. Tarot cards are specifically numbered and the images on the cards reverberate to those images to convey meaning to the reader who then analyzes such matters as relationships, the future, motivations and options. Traditionally, there are 56 minor Arcana Cards -- the Ace through Ten, plus the four … [Read more...]

Celebrating ‘Nepal Krishna Janmastami’ – August 22, 2011

Krishna Janmastami 22 August, 2011 Nepal celebrates Krishna Janmastami as a public holiday. Krishna Janmastami is celebrated all over the world. It signifies the birth of Lord Krishna for the exploitation of evil on this earth. Every nation has its own style of respecting any social event. Nepal also celebrates Krishna Jansmastami with great pomp and splendor every year. This festival is reciprocated by beautiful public processions. There is dancing and singing … [Read more...]

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