Celebrating ‘Nepal Krishna Janmastami’ – August 22, 2011

Krishna Janmastami

Krishna Janmastami in Nepal is a public holiday.

22 August, 2011

Nepal celebrates Krishna Janmastami as a public holiday.

Krishna Janmastami is celebrated all over the world.

It signifies the birth of Lord Krishna for the exploitation of evil on this earth. Every nation has its own style of respecting any social event. Nepal also celebrates Krishna Jansmastami with great pomp and splendor every year.

This festival is reciprocated by beautiful public processions. There is dancing and singing all dedicated to the Krishna ‘avatar’.

Nepal Krishna Janmastami History

Krishna is the eight ‘avatar’ of Lord Vishnu.

He was born to destroy the incarnation of all evil – the Kansa. Kansa had a sister, Devki, who he married to Vasudev. And it was so believed that the eight sons born to them, one would be the reason of his death. So, he took Vasudev and Devki into custody and destroyed each of their children after their birth. Then the day came when Devki gave birth to her eight children.

After some time, the Supreme Personality of Godhead was born to Vasudev and Devaki in the Kamsa’s prison house in Mathura. The Lord ordered Vasudev to bring Him to the house of Maharaja Nanda in Gokul. The night was very dark, but as soon as Vasudev took Krishna on his lap, he could see everything as in the sunlight. Vasudev came onto the bank of Yamuna and the river gave him mysteriously a free passage over its roaring waters…

That night, Vasudev, concerned about the baby’s safety, went out of the prison and took his son across the waters of Yamuna to reach Gokul. It was raining heavily outside and the waters of Yamuna were also high. However, Vasudev moved forward, there was a snake in the shape of an umbrella above Krishna’s head, which was protecting the God from the rain.

The waters of Yamuna soon dried to help him cross the river. Then finally he placed his child in the home of his friend Nand Dev and exchanged his girl baby. The next morning when Kansa was about to kill the girl she flew high in the sky taking the form of a Devi and announced ‘The one that will kill you has already taken birth. You will not be spared any more.’

This very day is now celebrated as Krishna Janmastami.

Nepal Krishna Janmastami Traditions and Activities

It is also known as Krishna Jayanti or Janmashtami. This day is remembered as his birthday and also his divine deeds. How he turned as a savior to those, who were harassed in the name of religion. He has always freed people from difficulties and will never be forgotten by people.

The famous Patan Durbar Square is the main temple in Nepal where Krishna Janmastami is celebrated with added vigor. Devotees gather in large numbers to see the Krishna idol decked up.

The priests celebrate Krishna’s birth after midnight and give Krishna idol the religious bath. After this, He is decked up with many ornaments and beautiful dress. The temple is decorated very beautifully with lights and flowers. The devotees keep vigil throughout the night of his glorious birth. They sit chanting the names of Lord Krishna and enjoy the bath ceremony. Then they move in queue to offer their offerings to the priest seated in front of the idol. They give flowers, coins, and food and wait for a glimpse of the wonderfully adorned Krishna idol.

Thus, the lovers of Krishna get a chance to show their love through Krishna Janmastami. They also keep fasts throughout the day to please the lord. At night, they perform the rituals and celebrate the festival. They move out of the temple only when the offering (prasada) is distributed amongst them.


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