7 Ways to Add Glamor to an Outfit

There are many ways you can add instant glamor to an outfit. So, you can create a stylish, polished look, even on your busiest days, so you will always look and feel good. Read the seven ways you can add glamor to an outfit. Red Lipstick Embrace your inner siren by wearing a bold and bright red lipstick. It will provide instant glamor to your personal style, so you will stand out from the crowd. To create a classic look that demands attention, we recommend selecting a classic red shade over … [Read more...]

Gabrielle ‘Coco’ CHANEL *Tribute – WOMAN of ACTION™

A Celebration of Women™ in honor of NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, has chosen to Celebrate with the Women of our World, the Life of our world's original icon for Women in the Fashion Industry. This woman carried a spirit of independence before her time, a style that melded the ultimate class with comfort. Coco was famous for the saying: "...luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” It is an honor to pay this Tribute to the one and only, COCO CHANEL. WOMAN of ACTION™ … [Read more...]

Wedding Dresses … a walk in history.

A Wedding walk in the Past, guiding the Future ... White has long been accepted as the traditional color of the wedding dress, but wedding gowns were not always white. The marriage of Queen Victoria to her cousin Albert of Saxe- Coburg in 1840 has had more influence on weddings than any other. Queen Victoria put the wheels in motion by marrying in white. Though brides continued to wed in gowns of different colors, white was now set as the color of choice for weddings and has continued … [Read more...]

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