Avaaz – Ivory Coast, called the 'Pearl of West Africa' facing crisis… Take Action!

Ivory Coast is on the brink of war. But if cocoa companies cut off revenue to the brutal and ousted leader who is clinging to power, he'll be unable to pay his soldiers and could be forced to step down. Click to send an immediate message to the CEOs of chocolate companies urging them to back democracy and peace:       Ivory Coast, called the 'pearl of West Africa', is on the brink of civil war -- and chocolate companies could play a critical role in stopping the bloodshed. Despite … [Read more...]

ARAB FORUM – UN: Protect Children's Rights

  A Cause for Celebration ...for if our children receive no care or respect today, as children; how will they lead our world tomorrow, as adults?   Children are the Future of this Planet...yes?      Arab forum ends with call for action to protect children’s rights – UN   Children in a refugee camp in northern Lebanon 22 December 2010 – A United Nations-backed conference concluded in Morocco yesterday with the adoption of a declaration calling for further action to safeguard children in the … [Read more...]

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