WOMAN of ACTION™ – Vanessa Carter

A Celebration of Women™ ... is elated to Celebrate the Life of yet another gifted soul that has taken her life experience, a sense of true purpose and today she is here to help the Women of our World. Her belief is: "Women are evolving and becoming stronger and they can become great leaders of our future". WOMAN of ACTION™ Vanessa Carter IN THE WORDS of Vanessa herself ... Vanessa was born in the U.K., she was the seventh female born in line with her … [Read more...]

VERONICA – World Energy

A New Message From VERONICA World Energy "We have shared before the importance of a good ebb and flow of energy in the linear reality. In this time frame of great transition to a higher level, it is important to maintain the consistency of a positive ebb and flow. Much misalignment may occur when one becomes engaged in any way with the current negative energy that is being eliminated. It is very easy in your culture to participate with all the negativity even while not being … [Read more...]

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