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World Energy

“We have shared before the importance of a good ebb and flow of energy in the linear reality. In this time frame of great transition to a higher level, it is important to maintain the consistency of a positive ebb and flow.

Much misalignment may occur when one becomes engaged in any way with the current negative energy that is being eliminated. It is very easy in your culture to participate with all the negativity even while not being in close physical proximity.

We realize all of you are interested in what is called the news of the day. However, the engagement of its energy improperly will only beg it to linger.

The advice of those spiritual may be effective to permanently eliminate such dramas eternally. Consider keeping your own energy removed from these dramas as they dissipate. Refusing to enable the energy reinforces what is needed….. complete elimination.

We encourage all those in physical not to become distracted. The direct focus of your energy is imperative to the “clean up”.

Imagine if you will a very dirty room that must be cleaned. The first several passes to eliminate the dirt always reveals the job to be much more difficult than thought. It is always important to focus upon the end result…. a clean room. Focusing on the dirt distracts one from the goal and can offer feelings of depression.

It is of a similar vein in your current surroundings. Remain clear about the end result.

Stay focused, rise above the fray. Keep your energy aligned until the new level is reached.”




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