Why Are Women Still Not Running for Public Office?

    A Celebration of Women... urges the Women of our World that 'are' in a position to hold office, to Take Action!    There must be more female participation in Public Office. If  any of the women in this world truly expect to see any form of positive change in the structure of government anywhere in this world, there must be more Women in Public Office.  Women can run in a variance of Public Positions ie. Trustees at school boards,  Union Representatives, Municipal, Provincial, State, … [Read more...]


The Brookings Institution and the Financial Times have released an update to the "Burden of Public Debt Around the World" interactive feature, which reflects the sovereign sovereign debt crisis in Europe and issues surrounding the U.S. debt ceiling debate. Brookings Senior Fellow Eswar Prasad and his colleague Mengjie Ding illustrate how the ongoing debt burden in advanced economies is now a global threat. The interactive feature at FT.com illustrates the vast difference in public debt held by … [Read more...]

Referendum: Waging Peace in Sudan – The Inside Story of the (CPA) and the Prospects for Sudan’s Future

    Waging Peace in Sudan: The Inside Story of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement  and the Prospects for Sudan’s Future     Event Summary As Southern Sudan’s self-determination referendum approaches, the country faces one of the most important moments in its history. A culminating event of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), the referendum, scheduled for January 9, 2011, will be important for the future of the country and the region.   On January 6, in advance of the referendum, the … [Read more...]

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