Global WINConference 2014 – 1.2.3 (4) October, Berlin, Germany

Women’s International Networking is an independent global women’s leadership organization. WIN develops, empowers and connects leaders with a feminine, authentic and global vision. It is a reference for women working internationally and companies active in women’s leadership and diversity & inclusion. It runs the women’s preferred global leadership forum - the WINConference, the WINCorporate Network Group, the WIN Development Fund and the WINCommunity. Our initiatives are designed to … [Read more...]


SHAPING TOMORROW‘S BUSINESS REALITIES An organization becomes fit for the future through its richness of ideas, approaches and perspectives. More and more women are taking up positions of responsibility on executive and supervisory boards across the world, thereby entering top management. The growing dynamics of this trend cannot be ignored. And one thing is clear: wherever this happens, old patterns of thought are being disbanded. We profit from this increased variety of thoughts, … [Read more...]

Ripple Effect of protest in Turkey felt around the globe …

The 'ripple effect' from the protests springing up in Turkey is being felt across Europe. VIDEO HERE The heavy-handed policing seen in Ankara and Istanbul has prompted a show of solidarity across the diaspora, including Germany, with its significant Turkish population. The sentiment among those gathered outside the Turkish embassy in Berlin is clear. “The police were too violent with the demonstrators,” said Hakan Tas, a local councillor. “There is talk of a thousand injured, some … [Read more...]

Christina Seibold – Taking Action!

CHRISTINA SEIBOLD is Taking Action!!!     Liebe Medienpartner, Kunstinteressierte Freunde und Bekannte! Der Sommer neigt sich dem Ende zu, d.h. nicht nur die Natur zeigt sich wieder in facettenreichen Farbtönen, auch die Zeit der Begegnungen auf Kunstausstellungen und Messen ist wieder angesagt. Ausgewählte Werke von mir wird es zu sehen geben: 5. Oktober 2010 bis 22. Oktober 2010 BROOKLYN GALLERY EXHIBIT  Weitere Infos auf Was gibt es noch Neues im Umfeld … [Read more...]

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