Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, passes at 78

Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, who commanded the American-led forces that crushed Iraq in the 1991 Persian Gulf war and became the nation’s most acclaimed 'military hero' since the mid-century exploits of Generals Dwight D. Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur, died on Thursday in Tampa, Fla. He was 78. The general, who retired soon after the gulf war and lived in Tampa, died of complications arising from a recent bout of pneumonia, said his sister Ruth Barenbaum. In 1993, he was found to have … [Read more...]

Women in Combat – Fifth Annual “Best Sapper” Competition

Female Sappers forge path for Women in Combat 1st Lt. Christine E. Murray, a competitor in this year's Fifth Annual "Best Sapper" Competition, is the first female to ever compete in this challenging event. As the Army considers opening Ranger School to female soldiers, women have shown their ability to tackle another prestigious Army course for the past 13 years. The 28-day Sapper Leader Course at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., where combat engineers and engineer officers earn the coveted … [Read more...]

ADELE BUTLER – Women of Spirit: Forced Virginity Tests

  WOMEN of our WORLD Take Action!  Forced Virginity Tests in Africa, India and Middle East ... isn't this IMMORAL in itself, as there is zero dignity or respect in the action. Can you imagine being forced to have virginity tests and then if it turns out that you are not a virgin, you would be charged with prostitution? Seems far fetched and downright ridiculous but this is the reality for Egyptian protesters. Amnesty International has today called on the Egyptian authorities to … [Read more...]

HHS – Thanks Veterans …'The VA is a major partner in the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.'

  Today is Veterans Day      Today we thank our veterans for their service to the nation—and we recognize that the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) is the single largest provider of HIV care in the United States. The VA is a major partner in the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. You can learn more about the VA’s HIV programs at HIV/AIDS: For Patients and the Public.   By Miguel Gomez, Director       Website:       … [Read more...]

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