KLOUT Perk Winner Raves about Cadillac ATS, thanks MacClaren|McCann

As a Cadillac ATS KLOUT Perk Winner, our Founder has been 'flying' all over Toronto this week-end, during her 3 DAY TEST DRIVE. This car is Amazing! She says "I want to thank all the staff at:   MacClaren McCann TORONTO|MacClaren Momentum for their stellar service as Andrew Kavanagh, Mike, Glen and Chris are all wonderful."   A message from Doug Turney Our mission is simple…to do the very best work. Work that comes from a simple brilliant idea, impeccably executed, and … [Read more...]

Severn Cullis-Suzuki(at Rio+20 2012) – WOMAN of ACTION™

    A Celebration of Women™ is very pleased to Celebrate the Life of this absolutely amazing soul that was destined from 16 years of age to contribute to positive change in our World. This Life is a wonderful message to all Little Women, to find a way, take action and speak out loud. Mothers, teach Your Daughters as this Tribute comes over 10 years later, allow us to prove that all one's actions get noticed and are the creation of one's own Immortality....through only the Power of Love … [Read more...]

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