KLOUT Perk Winner Raves about Cadillac ATS, thanks MacClaren|McCann


2013 Cadillac ATSAs a Cadillac ATS KLOUT Perk Winner, our Founder has been ‘flying’ all over Toronto this week-end, during her 3 DAY TEST DRIVE.

This car is Amazing!

She says “I want to thank all the staff at:
MacClaren McCann TORONTO|MacClaren Momentum for their stellar service as Andrew Kavanagh, Mike, Glen and Chris are all wonderful.”

A message from Doug Turney

Doug_t_bioOur mission is simple…to do the very best work. Work that comes from a simple brilliant idea, impeccably executed, and harmoniously delivered. It’s been said a picture’s worth a thousand words, but a demonstration is worth a thousand pictures.

I hope our website demonstrates our unique personality, and our unmatched capabilities. A company that could help your business, or that could be the next chapter in your career.


Cadillac Test Drive Program

T. 1 855-645-8109   T.   1 855-645-8109 | F 416-594-6319
10 Bay Street, 12th Floor, Toronto, ON M5J 2S3

* If anyone is interested in test driving the Cadillac ATS they can visit their local Cadillac Dealership.

Her words to us back here at the the ranch, are:

“Again, I say this car is Amazing! It practically drives for you, zero to one hundred in seconds! Then, braking back down to forty like nothing changes. My passengers told me that they never had such a smooth ride.

A funny story! I pull into lot and park car very close to an underground parking entrance stand. I do my business, and start car up to leave, putting into reverse, I drive back — car stops!

“What the heck is going on?” I say to myself. 🙁

I was too close to the pole, and this Cadillac ATS stops for me. This car has a mind of its own! There are sensors on all sides of this baby that keep the car fully aware of it’s surroundings, when the driver misses the mark. I put car into ‘drive’, maneuver back and forth, and leave parking lot safely, without ‘bumping my car‘ into a parking pole!

Come on — how many people reading this have dinged their cars in parking lots?  BE honest!!! Ha! Ha!

13_ats_cuedashThis car has the best features for safety that I have ever enjoyed, and I’ve owned some hot cars in my days. One of the features that I love the most of this Cadillac CUE System.

Aside from all the ‘hands free‘ features like navigation, GPS and phone, I loved the windshield projector showing speedometer, etc. above the dashboard right on your windshield – very handy at night on highway.

OH yes! and the little lights showing other cars inside your in review mirrors – no more blind spots – Yahoo!

It’s these little things that make a car exceptional for the everyday ‘normal’ driver … comfort, safety and power – all rolled into one is a invigorating trip for any woman on the road, and with all the ‘extra’ details in this one, well … what else can I say?


Call-meI urge all our Women Leaders out there in the market for a new car – CALL Your Local Cadillac dealership, TAKE A TEST DRIVE !!! Heck, even if you are not in the market ( right now ) for a new car – take the test ride anyway, and enjoy the feeling of freedom!

What else?

The tires on this vehicle feel like — how can I describe the feeling? The vision in my mind is that these tires have octopus tentacle suckers on them, making your ride so grounded – no slippage – regardless of the speed or turns you are making while driving – even on the ramps you feel flat to the ground, completely stable.



The CUE™ Experience

After five years in the making, Cadillac CUE™1 delivers a comprehensive in-vehicle experience, focusing on safe, connected driving. CUE™ blends advanced technology with highly intelligent design, bringing the intuitive control of smartphones and tablets safely to the road. With enhanced voice recognition and responsive touchscreen technology, CUE™ creates an experience that’s as effortless as it is advanced.


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