Anxiety and Stress Reduction through Writing Diaries or Journals

Most people are affected by stress and anxiety to an extent that their health deteriorates. However, some methods can be used to deal with the situation before it becomes a problem. These methods range from exercising to expressing the emotions through writing. According to research, those who write Cartas de amor to their partners and friends have a better chance of relieving any stress that is within them. On the other hand, writing diaries and journals has also been considered one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety. So, let us see how this method works for people. It is worth noting that this method can be even more effective when used in conjunction with hemp oil.

The History of Diaries and Journals

Historians have proved that our ancestors kept diaries and journals in different ways. Some of the big historical libraries have copies of these. In the early days, farmers kept diaries as the calendar of the farming seasons. Others kept the events of wars and the kingdoms that they had conquered.

However, the habit of journaling became popular in the 1800’s especially for female society. They could enter the occurrence of a particular anecdote. In most cases, all these were accompanied by their emotions. The readers of the diaries and journals could understand the feelings and emotions of the writer.

How Keeping a Diary Reduces Stress and Anxiety

As mentioned earlier, research has shown that keeping a diary or a journal will reduce the stress that one has. Just to refresh your memory, people become stressed when they have some pressure and tension in their mind. It could be work, sickness, financial or family related. When solutions are not forthcoming due to unavoidable circumstances, then things might become complicated.

On the other hand, journaling involves writing down what is in someone’s mind. It also involves planning the solutions to various problems that one is facing. Keeping a diary is one of the best approaches to life since people can prioritize the problems ahead of them. It is also a great way to create a strategy of how you will tackle the fears that you have.

In addition to all these, a diary or a journal allows the writers to have a positive self-talk, which is the beginning of a healing process. It works by allowing people to find simple solutions to the problems that they are facing. Experts usually say that people hold solutions to all problems they face including acceptance of the situation and the ability to move on.

How to Keep a Diary or a Journal

While experiencing stress and anxiety, you need to write the occurrences of every day. Also, write down the activities you need to do during the day or even the week ahead. Some psychology experts place an emphasis on keeping your diary and journal simply to avoid adding more stress and anxiety. Further, list all the possible solutions to a problem that is ahead of you.


The act of keeping a diary or a journal is helpful to those who are suffering from stress and anxiety. In addition to reducing it for those who are already affected, keeping a journal or diary also prevents stress and anxiety. Together with other stress-reducing techniques, overcoming stress and anxiety will be a possibility at any time.

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