3 Tips for Staying Safe while Working Outdoors This Winter

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As winter bites, people that work outside will certainly start to feel the cold during a long working day. Working in these conditions can be an uncomfortable experience, which can have implications for health if not tackled correctly. Issues such as numbness, frostbite, and extremes such as hyperthermia can occur if correct protective is not worn. Wrapping up and ensuring your body temperature doesn’t fall is key to keeping happy and healthy during the working day but there are several other aspects to think about if you are going to be in outside freezing temperatures this winter.

Plan regular breaks

Staying outside all day in the cold can have adverse effects on the body and can also make it harder to adjust back to normal temperature once you go back inside. Taking regular breaks will help to keep your body warm and offers you the chance to grab a drink and a bite to eat to keep your strength up. You’ll be amazed at how much energy you use when trying to stay warm.

Eat and drink throughout the day

As mentioned above, keeping your energy up is advised when working for prolonged periods during a cold snap. Ensuring you get enough fluids and eat food that is rich in carbohydrates will refuel your body and hydrate you for the work ahead.

Dress for the weather

This might seem an obvious one, but many people underestimate how cold it is when they leave the house. Snow may have fallen, and now the sky is shimmering with sunlight, but that doesn’t mean the temperature has improved. Layering up is key and this will not only help with keeping you warm, it offers you the chance to remove or put on clothing dependent on the temperature change. Wearing protective clothing such as gloves, thick socks and adequate footwear also keeps you both dry and warm when the cold sets in. Warm outerwear and protective clothing from FR Outlet is ideal for anyone braving work in the cold this winter.

Keep dry

As the winter months bring a mixture of rain, ice and snow, keeping dry during this time is important for staying healthy and safe when facing the elements. Gauging what type of weather you may be facing gives you the chance to dress well and keep dry during a wet spell. There’s nothing worse than having soggy clothing and this, in turn, can lower the body temperature more rapidly, opening you up to ill health. Wearing waterproof gear will help during these conditions as well as wearing suitable boots and head protection. Layering up can also help here as if you get wet, layers can be removed to ensure you stay dry.

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