4 Health Tips Meant Exclusively For Senior Women

No matter how old we get, staying healthy seems to always be at the forefront of our minds. Eating right and exercising is important for every person, no matter what their age, but for many women age 65 and older, those generic health and fitness tips you find online simply aren’t practical anymore. Life after 65 and post-menopause means a great deal of change for the average woman’s body, which means there needs to be a change in the way women this age approach their healthy diet and exercise routine.

So, instead of reading about the pros of Crossfit, easy protein shakes to build muscles, or getting bikini body ready, take a look at these four practical health tips that are meant exclusively for senior women.

1. Find a Meal Buddy

For women age 65 and older, one of the biggest things they can do to improve their overall health and to maintain a healthy weight is to focus on portion control. Did you know that people who share their meals with others typically eat less than those who eat alone?

This is a great excuse to find a buddy whether it’s a spouse, friend, son, granddaughter or anyone in between to share your meals with. You won’t only eat less but spending time with someone you care about over a nice meal is good for the soul as well.

2. Consider a Walking Pole

No one ever wants to find themselves in need of a cane or walker when it comes to getting around—however, this is an unfortunate side effect of aging and more senior women then ever are starting to rely on walking aides to make sure they don’t fall. However, instead of using a cane, consider a walking pole.

These are great inventions that not only provide the stability and support you are looking for, but they engage the upper-body and help strengthen your arms and your core. While you’re already exercising these key areas of the body, make sure you are incorporating exercises that help you with your balance. Yoga, pool exercises and tai chi are all great ways to improve your balance and help prevent falls. Eventually, you may not need your walking aid at all!

3. Exercise Your Brain

Good overall health is about more than strong muscles and a trim waistline, you need to make sure you are exercising your brain as well. After all, your brain is one of the most important parts of your body and one that seems to change the most as you age. Word games, crossword puzzles and memory activities for seniors are all great ways to give your brain a workout and make sure it is getting the “exercise it needs.” Senior women age 65 and older are among the highest-risk demographic for issues with dementia, which is why these activities are so important.

4. Support Your Soles

As we age, our bodies change and one of the biggest changes that happens actually occurs in the feet. The fat pads underneath the bottom of our feet start to compress, and with less cushioning in this area, it can actually cause pain, discomfort and fatigue. Consider custom foot levelers or inserts from a physical therapist or chiropractor. You can also find them at many sports and running stores as well. These foot inserts can help provide custom support where you need them so you can continue to not only feel pain-free but have the support you need to get up and stay active and on your feet all day long.

Overall health is all about looking and feeling your best, no matter what your age. Keep these senior-specific health tips in mind as you enter into 2018—they can have you feeling your best no matter what the New Year may bring.

Thanks to Lori Thomas

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