9 Ways of Staying Healthy While Having a Young Baby

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happy momsMany women want to go back to their pre-baby body after they give birth. Now, a woman’s body may never be quite the same again, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t stay healthy and get close to her pre-baby body.

Not only has the woman just gone through pregnancy, and all that comes with it such as baby showers (which typically involve lots of cupcakes), now that the little one has arrived can be especially hard to stay healthy when sleep-deprived from caring for a little on.

Here are nine tips to help a new mom stay healthy while busy caring for a baby:

1. Stock the Fridge Appropriately

It’s important to keep healthy snack and dinner options ready. When grocery shopping, it’s key to choose the appropriate food. Stock up on fruits and vegetables. Buy lean protein, such as chicken and fish.

This can be difficult when other people in the home are determined to eat junk food. Just makes sure that there are healthy options as well.

2. Join a Class

One of the most difficult parts of staying healthy after a baby is finding time to exercise. If a woman signs up for a kickboxing class or other exercise class, it forces her to go. It’s ideal to have a babysitter who understands that they will have to watch the baby every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 – 8:00.

3. Have Sex

It may take some time for a woman to be ready for sex. However, when she is ready, sex is a great way to burn some calories and bond with the spouse at the same time. A woman who wants to stay healthy should make a point to stay on top. This is great for the woman who likes to kill two birds with one stone.

4. No Booze

Alcohol is full of empty calories. On top of it, it’s not good for a woman to drink when she is breastfeeding. Many women really want a glass of wine after they’ve spent nine months not drinking. It’s best for a woman to hold out a little bit longer and skip the booze.

5. Include the Family

If a woman wants support with her health goals, it can be helpful to get other people in the house involved. Support can make a huge difference. Even if people don’t put in the same effort as she does, any participation on behave of a woman’s spouse and children is better than nothing.

6. Drink Water

Most people don’t drink enough water. This doesn’t go for only women who have just had a baby- this goes for everyone. To stay healthy, many women get rid of the soda and the sports drinks filled with sugar and replace them with water. Add lemon for extra antioxidants. Green tea is also a great option. Be sure not to add too much sugar!

7. Focus on Health- Not Weight Loss

Many people think that losing weight and being healthy are the same thing. This is not true. Many people can make themselves unhealthy trying to lose weight. A mother must provide milk for a new baby and maintain an energy level to care for the baby properly. Eat regularly. Simply eat healthier foods.

8. Be Creative

Women can utilize daily chores and activities to encourage a healthy lifestyle. When cleaning, some women use heavier toys as weights. Women can also dance and play with their children. Not only is it fun, but it raises the heart rate and keeps the new mom active.

9. Mange Expectations

Some women think that they will get back to the exact same body that they had before giving birth. It’s almost never possible. A woman may lose most of the baby weight, but it’s much more difficult to get rid of the stretch marks. Breasts and other parts of the body will be entirely different, too.

Women may plan to lose the baby weight, but it’s important to manage expectations and keep things in perspective. A woman’s body changes because it needs to in order to host and care for the baby properly.

Being a new mother is exciting. However, the body that a mother has after giving birth is not quite as exciting. When a mother is looking to live a healthy lifestyle for herself and her new baby, these tips are a great way to get started.

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